How Can a New Concrete Driveway Increase The Value of Your Home in Brisbane’s Southside

Many homeowners typically concentrate on enhancing the value of their homes by focusing on areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. While these spaces are crucial for potential buyers, there are often overlooked areas that can significantly contribute to a property’s perceived value, such as a concrete driveway.

Since driveways are often the first thing visitors notice, studies suggest that a favourable first impression can increase your home’s value by up to 10%. This makes the importance of a well-designed and well-maintained driveway in making a positive impact on potential buyers quite obvious.

Concrete Driveway in Brisbane

But before understanding why a concrete driveway contributes to a home’s value, let’s look at the factors that influence the selling price of a home with a paved driveway:



The location of a home is a significant factor that can greatly influence its appeal to potential buyers. Having the convenience of parking right in front of your house is a substantial advantage for prospective homeowners. If your residence is situated in an area where parking is limited or if it is close to major highways, it becomes particularly attractive to both professionals and families.

To assess the impact of your driveway on property value relative to neighbouring homes, you can conduct an online search for properties within your postcode that lack driveways on public listings.


Parking Area

The dimensions of your driveway also play a role in determining the value of your home. Spacious driveways capable of accommodating at least two cars are highly sought after by homebuyers, particularly those with families or professionals who commute for work.

Expanding your driveway to utilise any available extra space could be a wise investment, as it can enhance the property’s long-term value. Despite the initial cost, the added value to your home makes it a beneficial project in the grand scheme.

Now that we’ve covered these considerations, let’s explore why a concrete driveway can positively impact a home’s value.

Reasons Why a Concrete Driveway Can Increase the Value of Your Home in Brisbane's Southside


Visually Appealing

Properly cared-for concrete driveway, elevates the overall visual appeal of your residence. It creates a tidy, well-groomed, and attractive entrance, leaving a favourable first impression on prospective buyers.



Many homeowners opt for concrete driveways due to their durability and extended lifespan. When installed and maintained correctly, a concrete driveway can endure for many decades with minimal maintenance required.

Concrete’s popularity for driveways is also attributed to its rigid and non-flexible nature, allowing it to bear heavier loads compared to other driveways. Concrete driveways Brisbane Southside can withstand the weight of large trucks and caravans, the towing of boats on trailers, or the movement of heavy furniture without the worry of developing ruts.


Design and Landscaping

Contemporary concrete driveways offer customisation options to suit individual preferences. Decorative concrete has gained popularity in both residential and commercial settings for its ability to enhance the visual appeal of driveways.

This type of concrete allows for a variety of designs, patterns, and colours that can seamlessly complement the architecture and landscaping of your home. Presently, exposed aggregate driveways are a particularly popular trend in Australia for driveway designs.


Not Much Maintenance Required

It’s worth noting that concrete driveways demand minimal maintenance. In contrast to alternative driveway materials like asphalt or gravel, concrete incurs fewer costly maintenance needs.

Regular cleaning and appropriate sealing are generally sufficient, eliminating the necessity for intricate maintenance tasks. Opting for a concrete driveway can result in significant cost savings and reduced stress.



Concrete driveways offer an eco-friendly paving option by contributing to energy conservation. Unlike materials that absorb heat and light, concrete reflects them, aiding in the reduction of the urban heat island effect.

The cooling effect of concrete on your property can alleviate the need for excessive energy consumption to maintain a cooler environment.

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So, overall a concrete driveway can be a valuable asset for homeowners in Brisbane’s Southside looking to enhance the overall appeal and value of their homes.

The durability, customisable design options, low maintenance requirements, and eco-friendly nature of concrete driveways make them a practical and attractive choice for homeowners.

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