Why Concrete is a Good Choice for Your Pool Surrounds in Brisbane Southside

Concrete has stood the test of time as a reliable material, making it a worthy choice for your pool deck. Whether you’re leisurely strolling around your pool or hosting a lively pool party, it’s worth acknowledging the value that concrete adds to the surrounding grounds.

When it comes to decking materials, concrete stands out for its exceptional durability. Not only does it offer longevity, but it also proves to be a cost-effective option compared to alternatives like wood, pavers, synthetic materials, tiles, stones, and bricks.

Is Concrete a Good Choice for Your Pool Surrounds in Brisbane Southside

Here are a few reasons to help you figure out if the concrete is a good choice for your pool area in Brisbane Southside:

  • Concrete stands out as a highly durable option when compared to other alternatives.
  • It provides an affordable and safer choice in comparison to various materials.
  • Concrete pool surrounds Brisbane Southside offer a range of style options, including textured concrete, stamped concrete, and broomed concrete, among others.
  • Cement can replicate the appearance of pricier materials.
Concrete Pool in Brisbane

Why Should You Choose a Concrete Pool Surrounds Brisbane Southside


Visual Appeal

If you envision the typical plain grey concrete found at your local community pool, it’s time to reconsider. Concrete offers a diverse range of decorative choices that can either match or enhance the visual appeal of any home.

Whether you dream of transforming your poolside into a Mediterranean oasis, a tropical retreat, or a modern complement to your home, concrete provides the flexibility to bring these visions to life.



Considering that concrete is a preferred material for constructing roads, its durability is unquestionable. Opting for concrete ensures longevity, even in challenging weather conditions.

Although concrete pool surrounds might develop cracks over a period, addressing them is a straightforward task with a patch kit. Additionally, the potent chemicals from the pool won’t compromise the durability or colour of your concrete if the appropriate sealant has been applied.



More budget-friendly than stone or tile, concrete stands out as a cost-effective choice. Additionally, labour costs are also typically lower.


Light Maintenance

If you had the opportunity to cut down the time spent on annual pool area preparation, would you take it? Well, this is exactly what finished concrete promises. Although periodic resealing is necessary, it represents a definite enhancement that makes your backyard stand out and provides protection against weathering damage and stains.

The inclusion of finished concrete not only enhances safety and value but also elevates the overall look. With no grout lines or gaps to deal with, maintaining your pool deck becomes a hassle-free task, requiring only an annual cleaning with a power washer.


Mimics Expensive Surface

A completed concrete surface has the ability to emulate the appearance of high-end stone at a more affordable price. Installing genuine stone around your pool can be a costly endeavour, an expense you might wish to avoid following the initial pool installation and the continuous maintenance costs.


Enhances Safety

Crafting a nonslip surface not only improves swimmer safety but also diminishes the likelihood of injuries on your Brisbane Southside property. Pools already come with tons of liabilities, so make sure you take the necessary measures to safeguard your guests and your investments.


Reliable in Every Season

A tough finish plays a crucial role in ensuring that your pool deck withstands the fluctuations of changing seasons more effectively than unprotected concrete. Sealing your pool deck preserves both its structure and its overall look, making it less prone to scaling.

While the usability of your pool might be limited to certain times of the year, the last thing you want is to deal with concrete repairs every season. Finished concrete acts as a preventive measure against recurring repair expenses.

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Choosing concrete for your pool surrounds in Brisbane Southside proves to be a practical and appealing decision. With its proven durability, cost-effectiveness, and a ton of style options, concrete emerges as a reliable material that enhances the overall value of your pool area.

Whether you prioritise visual appeal, durability, cost efficiency, or easy maintenance, concrete ticks all the boxes.

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